By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) – For the Boudreaux family of Laplace, Louisiana, ‘Ida’ is a nightmare they’ve lived before.

“It’s kind of like Katrina all over again. It’s Hurricane Isaac, Hurricane Rita. All those hurricanes that have struck New Orleans so hard,” said Amanda Boudreaux. “It’s a repeat.”

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Amanda’s parents happened to be visiting her in Massachusetts, when the devastating storm tore through their community.

“It wasn’t prepared at all. We know we lost quite a lot of stuff that was low,” Leslie Boudreaux said of his house.

Even 1500 miles away, this family is still serving an important role in this crisis. Believe it or not they’re the ones passing important information between their loved ones and friends.

“We’ve had friends who have called us here to try and get in touch with people,” he said.

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“We’re able to connect and call because our phones are working from up here but they’re not able to call each other within that bubble of Laplace right now,” Amanda added.

That sense of ‘doing something’ slightly eases their helplessness, but these constant calls are also filled with so much fear.

“Heartbreaking and just terrifying. We were on the phone with one of our neighbors when a 2 x 4 slammed through the side of their house through the wall of the house. Hearing the screams – my mom and I just started shaking. It was really hard to hear,” Amanda said.

The Boudreaux family may be physically safe in Massachusetts, but their broken hearts are in Louisiana. They’ll fill their van with essential supplies – knowing the great need and months-long recovery they’ll drive home to.

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“Definitely takes a toll. It’s so hard being here and not there. I’d rather be there. I’d rather be there. It’s just… hard,” Leslie Boudreaux said.

Juli McDonald