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BOSTON (CBS) — Dozens rallied outside the Massachusetts State House on Monday to share personal accounts of the dangers in Afghanistan. They were advocating on the behalf of Afghans trying to flee their country.

“Our goal is to get the word out, put pressure on our government to please help do what is morally responsible,” said Jennifer Frye, the executive director of Worcester-based non-profit Welcoming Alliance for Refugee Ministry.

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She said she’s communicated directly with some people who are still in Afghanistan, desperate for a place to turn.

“There’s another widow with two children that turned away at the airport, we’ve been in touch with her. These are friends of ours. And it’s heartwrenching. The experience is just I can’t even describe what it’s like to be in touch with these people here where there’s safety, hearing the gun shots over the phone knowing they’re all in danger,” said Frye.

Samira Darwishi said she was in Afghanistan two weeks ago and now she fears for her in-laws, aunts, and uncles who are still there in the chaos. As many as five rockets were launched toward the airport on Monday morning.

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“The minute the phone goes off we all think ‘oh god, something happened, that’s why they can’t answer the phone.’ Every minute for us it’s like ‘oh god, what happened to my family?’’ Darwishi said.

Amin Jafari worked as a translator for the US Military. He said he’s spent sleepless nights worrying about his parents’ safety.

“They can not live anymore in the same place because all of those people they know us, they understand us, the Taliban’s come into power, they’re going to find them and execute them,” said Jafari.

With less than 48 hours remaining ahead of the US withdrawal deadline, the group at the State House is asking lawmakers to help evacuate those close to them who need help.

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“At least help those people those who are in high risk, those who worked for them, they should at least help those people, to not leave them behind,” said Darwishi. Staff