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BOSTON (CBS) — After traveling to Kabul, Rep. Seth Moulton said the experience changed his mind and he now supports the August 31 withdrawal deadline. The congressman and former Marine spoke with the media after returning from his unauthorized Afghanistan trip.

He defended making the trip after other lawmakers and Pentagon officials called it a distraction.

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“I don’t care what people in Washington are saying. What I care about is saving lives. I care about doing my job by the Marines and soldiers, the sailors and airmen on the ground, and by the Afghans that we’re trying to save,” Moulton said.

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Moulton visited Abbey Gate, which is one of the places that was attacked on Thursday.

“Marines out there sifting through this literal sea of humanity trying to pluck out our allies who trusted us to get out of this mess,” he said. “They were putting themselves at tremendous risk and saving thousands of lives in the process.”

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He said he hopes the withdrawal deadline will help maintain the country’s relationships with the Taliban in hopes of continuing evacuations after that date. Staff