By Staff

MELROSE (CBS) — A Melrose police officer with a nursing background recently helped deliver a baby girl.

Officer Ashley Baldwin, who is also a registered nurse, sprung into action last Thursday after getting a call about a woman in labor.

According to the Melrose Police Department, Baldwin arrived at a home near Lincoln School and found a 38-year-old mother close to giving birth. She then assisted in the delivery.

Baldwin stayed with the new mother and newborn baby before the Melrose Fire Department took them to a local hospital.

On Tuesday, the officer got to hold the baby girl, now named Avery, outside the Melrose Fire Department.

Officer Baldwin and the baby girl she helped deliver. (Photo Credit: Melrose Police Department)

Before joining the Melrose Police Department last December, Baldwin was an emergency department nurse at Winchester Hospital. She also currently works at Mass General Hospital in the emergency department. Staff