By Ken MacLeod

AUBURN (CBS) – When Tropical Storm Henri delivered his windy punch at the Chase residence in Auburn Sunday morning, the storm etched a spot in the homeowner’s memory.

‘I will remember Henri, he’s on my list. I will not forget,” Phyllis Chase told WBZ-TV.

Her old farmhouse on Prospect Street was in shambles when Phyllis and her husband bought it three years ago. They’ve spent all that time restoring it.

But that timeline has now been extended, by a maple tree punching holes through the roof.

“So we wanted to bring her back and give her some pride and let her stand for another few generations for others to enjoy, so here we are. It’s sad to see damage done,” Chase said.

A giant maple tree fell on Phyllis Chase’s home in Auburn during Tropical Storm Henri, August 22, 2021. (WBZ-TV)

The restoration “to-do” list at the chase farmhouse is now a bit longer.

“We just put a new chimney on it just six weeks ago and now a tree came down on it, but oh well, everything can be fixed I guess. We’re thankful no one’s hurt, that’s all,” Chase said.

Ken MacLeod