By Staff

STONEHAM (CBS) — There’s a furry and very chill new addition at the Stone Zoo. A two-toed sloth was born at the Stoneham zoo back on July 31.

Zookeepers say the baby born to parents Lunesta and Nero is strong and healthy. The youngster has been seen holding on “nice and tight” to mom.

The baby sloth (Photo credit: Stone Zoo)

The baby will stay close to its mother for the first few months, but zoo visitors will be able to watch it grow and explore its home.

“Lunesta is an experienced mom who is doing everything she should to care for the baby,” assistant curator Pete Costello said in a statement.

The baby sloth hanging with mom (Photo credit: Stone Zoo)

Linne’s two-toed sloths are native to the forests of South America, and spend about 15 hours a day sleeping. Staff