By Liam Martin

SHERBORN (CBS) -– The Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn is indeed just that for animals – and the people who care for them there.

“It is a haven for animals that are abandoned or disabled, distressed, and they come live their natural lives here,” says John Halamka, co-founder of the Unity Farm with his wife Kathy Halamka.

They save and care for those farm animals from llamas to cows, donkeys, horses, pigs and lots – and lots – of birds.

One of the many curious animals at the Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn. (WBZ-TV)

“We have 60 mammals and we have 220 birds,” Kathy told WBZ-TV.

What’s clear from the moment you arrive at Unity is the love John and Kathy have for their animals, from the 2,000 pound Scottish Highland bull Dudley to Maxine, whom they call their “guard llama.” She keeps coyotes and foxes away from the pens at night.

Maxine the guard llama at the Unity Farm Sanctuary meets Liam Martin. (WBZ-TV)

We found that she and most of the animals at the farm are very friendly – and happy. A team of volunteers, some 500 of them, help John and Kathy care for the animals, feeding, grooming and socializing them. And they all get maybe as much, or more, out of it than the animals do.

“A lot of people don’t really have a chance to connect to nature, to these kinds of animals and understand their individuality and their personality,” says Kathy.

The Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn. (WBZ-TV)

You can donate, watch live cams of the farm or learn about how to volunteer at Unity on their website