By Rachel Holt

NORTH READING (CBS) — High schoolers by day, business co-founders by night. Fifteen-year-old Ava Carter and her 14-year-old brother Trevor were inspired a few years ago: “We were watching the show Shark Tank and we saw all of these young entrepreneurs and that’s always been something we’ve been interested in and starting our own business,” explained Ava.

So with support from their parents, the North Reading siblings got to work creating “Squeaky Clean Feet.”

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“We finally did some research and we discovered that many people don’t wash their feet. Or if they do it’s just with water and soap. And we brought a product to life that we’ve always wanted,” said Ava.

“Basically you put your foot inside of it and they have all these mounds that relieve stress and more circulation for your foot,” said Trevor.

Ava Carter and her brother Trevor created “Squeaky Clean Feet.” (WBZ-TV)

“They do everything. They came up with a bit of the design of it. A different marketing strategy- as an older person, they deal with influencers. So if anyone’s learned a lot during the course of this it’s been mom and dad,” said their father Greg Carter.

Ava and Trevor admit there are challenges as teenagers running a business.

“It’s very hard reaching out to people as a kid,” said Trevor.

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“Yeah that’s definitely been one of the challenges because as a kid not a lot of people take you seriously,” said Ava.

But after raising $10,000 through a Kickstarter campaign and moving towards mass production, the teens are proving they mean serious business.

“It helped us roll out 1,000 units. It’s going to take about 60-90 days but that’s going to help us get products out everywhere too,” said Trevor.

And for the other young entrepreneurs watching out there, they have a message.

“I would say if you have an idea then you should do it. And you should try to pursue it,” said Ava.

“I would say never hold back because you never know all of the opportunities you’re going to get,” said Trevor.

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For more on the company, visit their Kickstarter campaign.

Rachel Holt