By Kate Merrill

LEXINGTON (CBS) –  From biking to boating, Massachusetts has a lot of offer in the summer, but not everyone gets to enjoy those typical adventures. That’s where the Lexington non-profit Waypoint Adventure comes in to makes sure everyone gets a chance to have fun.

“We run adventure-education programs with youth and adults with disabilities,” co-founder Dan Minnich told WBZ-TV. He came up with the idea when he was a student at the University of New Hampshire, when his friends with disabilities didn’t get to experience the outdoor adventures he loved.

We met with him as they led a group of students from the Assabet Valley Collaborative on their first-ever kayaking trip to Walden Pond.

Waypoint Adventure led a kayak trip on Walden Pond. (WBZ-TV)

Dan and his team provide the special equipment, lessons and even emotional support and encouragement. Out on the water it’s about trust, growth, fun and sharing a simple summer experience.

“I’m really excited. I’ve been kayaking, but I couldn’t get back,” 20-year-old student Sammy Adams told WBZ.  She was thrilled with the chance to try kayaking again.

“Some people are nervous, but I wasn’t, I was really excited,” she said.

Waypoint Adventure led a kayak trip on Walden Pond. (WBZ-TV)

“Almost every week we are meeting somebody who has never done something like this and that blows my mind all the time,” Minnich said.

“I think for a lot of our students, they don’t have a lot of opportunities to access these opportunities, so Waypoint has been amazing to work with over the years.” said Mary Sharma, Assabet Valley Collaborative’s Evolution Program Coordinator.

Waypoint is a non-profit and depends on donors. They do all types of adventures from boating and hiking to ropes courses and rock climbing.

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Kate Merrill