By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Boston’s Acting Mayor Kim Janey said Tuesday that the city will not be following in New York’s footsteps to require people to prove they are vaccinated before being allowed indoors for dining, fitness and entertainment.

Janey said she worries that a vaccine requirement could hurt certain communities.

“I certainly want people to make informed decisions to get the information they need and get the vaccine,” Janey said. “But I do worry that this could disproportionately impact certain communities of color and young people and others who have not yet been vaccinated,” she said.

She said she’s concerned about the unintended consequences of “having to show cards.”

“We don’t want to have disproportionate access on who gets to access different services or frequent different businesses based on your vaccine status,” Janey said. “Obviously we want everybody to get vaccinated, I cannot stress enough that the vaccine is the best opportunity to beating this pandemic.”

Janey said in a later Twitter thread that “there are no current plans for business sector vaccination mandates.”

New York became the first city in the nation to require proof of vaccine for most indoor activities. That includes bars, restaurants and concerts. New York is hoping the move encourages more people to get vaccinated. Staff