BOSTON (CBS) — Julian Edelman may be retired from football, but the now-former Patriots great is still in his prime when it comes to social media.

Edelman posted a video to his Instagram and Twitter pages on Tuesday, wishing his former quarterback — a man by the name of Tom Brady — a happy 44th birthday.

Edelman used Brady’s viral video from last weekend, in which he defies the laws of physics to throw a football into a Jugs machine several times. (The video was obviously fake, because it’s impossible, but it was so well done that a lot of people had trouble seeing how it was faked.)

Edelman put a twist on it though, saying that the football represented Brady trying to get high-fives from his teammates, and the Jugs machines represented all of the teammates — and even a referee — who have denied him over the years.

Fortunately, Edelman is willing to step in and end the high-five drought, because that’s what friends are for.

Check it out:

That’s a classic roast of a pal right there, folks. Staff