BOSTON (CBS) — When an agent makes a public statement like the one that N’Keal Harry’s agent made in early July, only for that player to have to show up to work for a notoriously tough head coach like Bill Belichick, one might assume that things could get a little bit awkward for that player. Apparently, though, Harry has been spared from such a fate.

Belichick was asked about Harry on Monday morning, specifically about Harry’s recent comments, in which he said he could envision himself remaining on the Patriots. Belichick didn’t really share the specifics of Harry’s standing on the team, but did say that the two have had productive conversations before and during training camp.

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“N’Keal and I have talked about it. I think we had a good conversation. We have a good relationship,” Belichick said. “I’m not gonna get into all of that.”

Harry has put together some positive performances on the practice field thus far, and Belichick was asked for his impressions on the third-year receiver.

“I think N’Keal, like really all the other players that are out there are working hard, they’re improving, we’re better than we were on Wednesday, which is a good thing,” Belichick said. “We just need to keep the arrow pointing up and stay on the field and continue to progress from a scheme standpoint as we do more things and from a fundamental technique standpoint for each individual player at his position. And that’s really the time of year we’re at now. But N’Keal’s in good condition, is working hard, and just, again, keep taking it day by day, and as the competition unfolds, see how things stack up everywhere — not just with him, but all the way across the board. It’s really the same for everybody.”

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Belichick also spoke about how this year’s third-year players are more in a position of traditional second-year players, based on the challenges and limitations to last year’s offseason during COVID.

“They didn’t get the full first-to-second-year experience,” Belichick said of the 2019 rookie class, which includes Harry. “Certainly they learned from a season, and going into another season, but without the spring, without all the foundation laying that you do in the spring — both training, fundamentals, scheme installation, team building and communication and so forth. And all those things, they’re a part of it too. And so, yeah, there’s a big jump from year one to year two. The next biggest jump probably is year two to year three. But when you look at a year like last year that wasn’t a normal year two to year three, maybe there’s an element of that first to second year jump as well that’s also added in there.”

Last week, Harry was asked about his trade request but said it’s not on his mind as he works through training camp with the Patriots.

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“Right now I’m really not worried about anything trade-wise. I’m focused on how to be the best version of myself on the field, going out there, working hard and improving every day,” Harry said. “Right now, I’m at a New England Patriots training camp. I’m just trying to make sure I do everything I can to fit in with this team and do anything I can to help this team get wins.” Staff