By Tiffany Chan

BOSTON (CBS) — The alarming rise in COVID cases in Florida and other parts of the country is adding concerns among travelers, but people aren’t ready to change their plans just yet.

Summer is in full swing, with the lines at Logan Airport snaking around Terminal C.

“Being able to get on a plane and go somewhere feels very special,” said traveler Max Ratelle.

While the feeling of adventure is exciting, the nervousness of this pandemic isn’t too far behind.

The surge in COVID-19 Delta variant cases is at the top of mind for many. Since health experts say it’s more contagious and can spread among both unvaccinated and vaccinated people, it’s forced many travelers to limit their travel plans.

“Definitely concerned. I think we’re gearing our trip towards spending some time together and just hanging out at the beach and being outside a lot,” said Ratelle.

Infectious Disease Dr. Abraar Karan says vaccinated travelers should not be overly worried. It all depends on where you’re going.

“I would avoid going to places that are starting at high transmission. Even if you’re fully vaccinated, the data is starting to show that you can still carry the disease, have symptoms, and potentially transmit it onward,” Dr. Abraar Karan of Stanford. University.

While one family arriving in Boston says since they’ve gotten vaccinated, they can no longer live in fear of getting sick.

“People should definitely be more cautious, but, at the same time, we need to get back to our normal lives. As a matter of fact, we’ve been on several vacations already this summer, so we’re trying to enjoy ourselves as much as possible while still being vigilant,” said traveler Wanda Jones.

The travelers that spoke to WBZ-TV did not want to cancel their trips, so they say the best thing they can do is watch out what they’re doing when they’re away, including getting tested in Massachusetts.

“I think the Delta variant really spikes things up again. I think the right thing to do is take it seriously once again, right?” said Ratelle.

Tiffany Chan