BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady has worked extremely hard in the late stage of his career to improve his mobility and escapability in the pocket. With resistance bands, leashes, beach workouts, and various other methods at his disposal, the work has helped lift Brady’s game to an even higher level since 2014.

It has not, however, made Brady any faster. And he seems to admit that.

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Brady shared a humorous video on Thursday, in which former teammate Chad Ochocinco is evaluating him for his speed rating in the new Madden video game — a game for which Brady shares the cover with Patrick Mahomes.

In the video, Brady is determined to improve upon his 60 rating from last year. With the eye of a tiger, the spirit of a cheetah, the horsepower of a rally car, and the raw power of a speedboat, Brady took off for his sprint.

Nevertheless, as a runner, Tom Brady is still Tom Brady.

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Looks like gracing the cover wasn’t even enough to give Brady a boost of even a single point on the speed rating.

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But Brady’s made it this far in his career without speed, so he’ll probably be just fine. Staff