By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — In April, the New York Jets drafted their franchise quarterback of the future. No, not Sam Darnold. No, not Christian Hackenberg. Oh, not Geno Smith, either. And not Mark Sanchez.

No, in April, the Jets drafted their real franchise quarterback of the future in Zach Wilson. Or so they hope. Despite a limited college sampling, the Jets went all in on Wilson, hanging on to their No. 2 overall pick to select him in April out of BYU. The Jets have put all their eggs in the Zach Wilson basket.

The problem is … with players reporting to work on Tuesday, Wilson wasn’t one of them. Because the Jets haven’t signed him yet.

That’s not ideal.

Whatever the hang-ups may be between the Jets and their highest pick since Keyshawn Johnson in 1996, it can’t be that significant. Once the Jaguars signed Trevor Lawrence, a bar of sorts was set for the rookie quarterbacks. Mac Jones signed with the Patriots shortly after that. Justin Fields had already signed in Chicago.

Yet the Jets couldn’t come to an agreement with Wilson. And the 49ers still haven’t signed Trey Lance, the No. 3 overall pick.

But nobody really rags on the 49ers. People tend to assume they’ll figure things out. On the other hand, people assume the opposite with the Jets.

So people took note of Wilson’s absence on Tuesday, to say the least.

Of course, the Jets could solve the issue overnight, come to an agreement, and have Wilson on the field for the first day of actual practice on Wednesday.

For the time being, though, it’s at least noteworthy that some squabbling over giving the young man his signing bonus now and fully committing to him financially after dumping Darnold and spending the No. 2 overall pick has led to a day’s worth of negative PR.

One might say that the Jets would be wise to work to change that quickly. But with the Jets being the Jets — 10 years without a playoff berth, 10 playoff wins since the ’60s, a 37-75 record since 2014, etc., etc., etc. — we know the franchise can endure a lot more than one single day of bad press.

Still, simply in the interest of actually committing to the “franchise QB of the future” … maybe they ought to just get that thing squared away sooner than later. It doesn’t look great in the moment.