By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Each year, Northeastern University journalism professor Dan Kennedy releases the New England Muzzles, to “to call attention to outrages against freedom of speech and of the press.” This year’s edition included “winners” from both political parties.

Kennedy joined WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller to discuss some of the selections.

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In September, a Vermont newspaper published an article skeptical of actions by Black Lives Matter protesters in Burlington. In response, members of the group destroyed hundreds of copies of the newspaper.

Kennedy said the incident shows “the left in not entirely innocent either” when it comes to freedom of press violations.

“I’ve been doing the Muzzle Awards for 24 years. There’s always been a lot to choose from. But I would say in general, I would almost call it hatred of the media, has permeated down to the local level so I think it is much more likely to see this kind attack on freedom of the press at the local level these days than it might have been a few years ago,” Kennedy said.

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson also was the recipient of a Muzzle for an incident involving two freelance journalists hired by the New York Times. Carlson claimed on Fox News that the journalists were planning to dox him and reveal the location of his Maine home, and called them out by name on air.

As a result, some of Carlson’s supporters showed up at one of the journalist’s homes, prompting a 911 call.

“It was pure intimidation based on a lie. The Times ended up never running the story, even though they never had any intention of doxing Carlson. It was just a pretty horrendous example of an extremely popular and toxic media figure using his power to essentially intimidate the New York Times,” Kennedy said.

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Jon Keller