By Tiffany Chan

WALTHAM (CBS) – For the first time in what feels like a long time, people around Waltham didn’t have to lug around the umbrella in case of rain.

It comes as a relief for people who can finally enjoy the summer, to be outside again – and restaurants starving for business.

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Moody Street in Waltham was bustling again after several days of rain kept people mostly indoors, leaving these outdoor dining tables empty.

It’s what makes sunny days like this extra special for restaurant owners like Alex Hage of MOLTI on Moody.

“July has been a very tough one for us. I didn’t realize in July you can have basically every single day there’s rain,” said Hage. “Today, honestly, we had our busiest lunch since over a year ago. And it seems like everyone is so excited to be out on the street, walking around, checking out other places. That’s what we’re hoping more for the last several weeks but the weather totally crushed us.”

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People are taking advantage of the warm, dry weather. People waited more than an hour for a table at Mighty Squirrel Brewing Company.

“The weather has a huge impact for sure. A day like this that you can see right now, we have close to like 300-400 people here right now, all together, sit outside, so it helps a lot,” said Naveen Pawar of Mighty Squirrel Brewing.

For many, it is a welcomed change from the grey skies and rain.

“The winter’s bad around here, so the summer is a great time when the weather’s like this,” said Chris McNamara of Medford.

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The rain isn’t the only thing that puts a damper on business. The heat also impacts whether people dine out or not, and we just might see some 90 degree days coming up next week.

Tiffany Chan