By Beth Germano

PROVINCETOWN (CBS) – The Hana family is off to Provincetown from Boston’s Seaport for the town’s annual family week of activities. But this time around, they thought more about their travel plans due to the increased cases of COVID-19.

“We heard a lot of talk about increased cases, but we’re more focused on going to the beach and spending time with the family we’re staying with,” said Jason Hana.

The Department of Public Health now confirms some of the more than 430 cases in Provincetown are linked to the highly contagious delta variant.

Travelers like Ken Coronet have vaccination cards at the ready as some establishments will require them.

“We called the hotel. Wanted to make sure there were changes we needed to know about. Just to protect ourselves or anyone else going to the hotel, and they were just requiring vaccination cards,” Coronet said.

For the Hetzel family, it’s a crowded week ahead, and they’ll be masking wherever they go.

“We did have second thoughts, we’ll take extra precautions with masks both indoors and outdoors,” said Peter Hetzel.

Families attending family week have to sign a waiver that they will follow CDC guidelines and children have to wear masks inside and out.

“Masking, abiding by social distancing, hand washing, all the things we’ve been doing for the past year and a half,” said Jason Hana.

Many coming back from Provincetown believe the cluster is being taken seriously, and they took it seriously as well.

“We heard about it on the news before we got here, and of course we were very careful, staying to ourselves quite a bit, didn’t out very much,” said Sam George traveling from Tennessee.

DPH says of the 256 cases, at least 190 are Massachusetts residents.

Beth Germano