By Zinnia Maldonado, WBZ-TV

BOYSLTON (CBS) – Manny’s Box is a small initiative with a big goal: to potentially save a life.

Boylston residents Krista McNeil and Tara Caramanica came up with a plan recently coined “Manny’s Box” to place lifesaving equipment at ponds and lakes throughout the state.

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Inside Manny’s Box is a buoy with a floating rope and two life vests, equipment that could prevent a tragedy out in the water.

The initiative came about following the death of Worcester Police Officer Manny Familia. Familia died in the line of duty on June 4th attempting to save 14-year-old Troy Love from drowning in Green Hill Pond. Love also passed away.

“Our hearts go out to both the Love family and the Familia family and things like this don’t have to happen in small ponds like what we have here,” Krista McNeil said. “If you’re on land and you throw them the floating buoy, you can help pull them in.”

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“We want people to know there’s devices that can help until further rescue gets there,” Tara Caramanica said.

Tara adds they’re focused on placing the boxes in areas where children and teens are known to swim. “We have multiple boxes that are in the works now so it’s just a matter of supplying them,” Caramanica said.

Two boxes have been placed at Rocky Pond in Boylston so far but the team has bigger plans and hope with the help of donations they can raise money to place boxes across New England.

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You can find more information on how to donate to Manny’s Box by emailing