BOSTON (CBS) — After a light in center field caused a brief commotion during Sunday’s Red Sox-Yankees game, Boston manager Alex Cora said that it was “no big deal.” Major League Baseball agrees with the Sox skipper.

An MLB investigation into the matter found no evidence of a rules violation by either team, the New York Post reported Wednesday evening. The league found no funny business in its investigation, and considers the matter closed.

There was a delay late in Sunday’s game after Boston catcher Christian Vazquez pointed the light out to the home plate umpire. The light, which was flashing red and then turned white, was also noticed by Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez when he was behind the plate earlier in the game.

Given all of the sign-stealing schemes that have rocked baseball in recent years, fans immediately began to concoct conspiracy theories over the light on Sunday evening. But after looking into the matter, MLB has concluded that there was no espionage afoot in the Bronx.