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WENHAM (CBS) — Police in Wenham sent a strong message Tuesday to the vandals who tore down pride flags in town. They are asking the public to help them find the suspects.

Both incidents took place over the weekend. The first flag was cut down outside the First Church of Wenhan. The second flag was at the Wenham Museum.

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“It’s important that the community and the public know that it’s a great place to live and work and we’re proud of the people that are in this community. We have incredible collaborative involvement between the police, the citizens, the folks that work in town, it’s a nice place to be and Wenham Police are taking this very seriously,” said Police Chief Kevin DiNapoli. “We’re investigating it in every way we possibly can. We’ve been working directly with the folks from the Wenham Museum and from the First Church so they know that we are on the team and we’re doing everything we can to address this type of behavior.”

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Investigators are looking at nearby surveillance videos for clues.

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Anyone with information should call Wenham Police. Staff