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BARNSTABLE (CBS) — The love story of Arnold and Amelia went viral last week when the New England Wildlife Center’s Cape Cod branch shared that while Arnold the Canadian goose was undergoing treatment, his mate tracked him down and faithfully remained at the glass door of the clinic.

Arnold is continuing to recover from foot surgery and is getting stronger every day, the clinic reported Tuesday. Crews were able to arrange for Arnold and Amelia to share a meal.

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“His mate, named Amelia, remains close by and still visits the porch daily. We continued to do his treatments near the door and yesterday we managed to set up a temporary pen so they could share a meal,” they wrote on Facebook.

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“Arnold will remain inside our hospital while he finishes out his course of medications. Once his wounds are healed he will spend some time in an outdoor pen while he is acclimated and prepares for release. Until then, our veterinary team will be standing by to provide Arnold with the best care possible.”

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Arnold and Amelia have been together for several years. They live at a pond near the center. Staff