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BOSTON (CBS) — CJ Forchelli knew he would propose to Katie Kerr while they were hiking in Colorado at the end of June. He wanted something secluded and photogenic. And the moment came at Hoosier’s Pass.

“We got the top exhausted, and I was like, ‘This will be the spot’.  I did a fake timer picture and I just ran over to her recording it and that’s where I proposed,” said Forchelli. “And then, we sat down to eat some snacks and heard some people hiking over, and we were like, ‘This is our time, not a selfie, but a real picture.”

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Enter: Laura Jeanne.

“The girl we asked turned out to be a professional photographer. She had definitely done this before, so she had us re-enact the things in the pictures we took,” said Kerr. “I had put my email address in there, and she was going to reach out.”

But something went wrong after CJ entered his email address. Laura said it didn’t save in her phone and there was no way for her to contact that couple.

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That’s when she posted their pictures on Facebook.

“Please share as I put their contact in my phone but with service or something, I have no idea, it did not save and I have no idea how to find them!” she wrote.

A college roommate of Kerr ended up alerting her to the post.

The couple said it has since blown up, especially since they hadn’t shared the exciting news on social media yet.

“It got bigger than we expected. We didn’t post anything on social media that we got engaged,” said Kerr. “We had told the people that we cared but we hadn’t posted anything. So I had work friends reach out, and I was like, ‘Oh, we got engaged’. So it’s very interesting. I’m a teacher and I had a past family reach out was like,’we saw this happen on the news.’ So it’s definitely spreading and it’s really funny to see who reaches out.”

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Laura sent them a full album of photos and they have been chatting on Facebook.

CJ and Katie hope to get married out west next summer. Staff