By Tiffany Chan

TOPSFIELD (CBS) – The storm lasted only minutes, but the damage was widespread throughout Topsfield. “We’ve seen quite a bit of destruction,” said Topsfield Fire Chief Jenifer Collins-Brown.

The winds were strong enough to snap trees in half. There was debris toppled over driveways and yards.

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“It’s incredible. Absolutely incredible,” said Joe Scaramozza. After the storm passed, Scaramozza discovered a tree had smashed through the windshield of his family Tesla.

“Glad we weren’t in the car,” Scaramozza told WBZ-TV. “We haven’t seen winds like this. We’ve seen thunderstorms, but this was really scary.”

The trees brought down power lines, forcing the owner of Osteria Peppino Pizzeria to close early on the busiest night of the week. “It was like a hurricane. All this water came so fast and the trees, they were kissing each other,” described Giuseppi Giuliano.

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The storm caught one runner by surprise. Then came the intense winds.

“I was jogging up the road at the center of Topsfield and this big, black came and it was an intense storm with strong winds,” said Greg Bortzfield. “Trees down, branches down all over the place.”

The storm left as quickly as it came, leaving behind a big clean-up ahead.

“We really are grateful no one was out here,” said Scaramozza. “It’s a pretty big tree.”

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Topsfield’s fire chief said no serious injuries were reported during this storm. Utility crews will work through the overnight to restore power.

Tiffany Chan