By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — LeBron James’ reboot of the “Space Jam” movie hit theaters on Friday. Julian Edelman wants in on the action.

The former Patriots receiver, who retired this spring and is embarking on a career in the media, jumped on the “Space Jam” excitement by doing what he does best: Photoshopping himself into promotional material.

Edelman posted an image on Instagram of himself replacing James in the center of a “Space Jam” poster.

“I’ll run point,” Edelman wrote in the caption, tagging LeBron as well.

He also tweeted it, for maximum social media exposure:

It did catch the attention of LeBron, who responded on Twitter, “HAHA!! All yours JE! You got it.”

What does it mean, exactly? Well, nothing — other than the fact that Edelman wouldn’t mind being in a movie called “Space Jules.” Cool looking poster, too. Staff