By Rachel Holt

GLOUCESTER (CBS) – If you’re a boater going under the Blynman Bridge in Gloucester and you see this man with his phone out, you should pay close attention.

Or else, you could wind up on the Instagram account @cutbridgecrazziness.

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The account was started by John Stevens, who has lived nearby for the last 12 years. It has more than 10,000 followers.

“It was just something that happened. My wife and I would be sitting on the other side, on the riverside, and watching the boats, and you would see something about to happen, and you’re like, ‘I got to capture this moment,’” said Stevens.

Since John Stevens started his Instagram account he’s been sharing “dumbness and some coolness” at The Cut in Gloucester. (WBZ-TV)

Since he started the account last summer, he’s been sharing “dumbness and some coolness” at the bridge. Even experienced boaters in the area admit “The Cut,” as it’s nicknamed, can be tough to navigate.

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“It can definitely get dicey. When the current’s running, you definitely want to wait your turn and wait for everything to calm down before you go through the bridge,” said Mike Duncan, owner of Gloucester Boat Rental.

“I had to jump the windshield to throw a line to the Coast Guard to get us back because we were drifting back into the boats behind us,” said Maureen Dionne, of Newton, New Hampshire, detailing one of her experiences boating under the bridge.

“It’s just interesting to see which ones have more experience and which ones have no clue. It’s pretty amazing,” said David Auger, of Ipswich.

The canal dates back to 1643, so boating woes are nothing new and locals have been observing activity at the bridge for years. But thanks to John’s social media posts, ‘The Cut’ is getting a whole new audience.

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“There’s a lot of positivity. People just getting a good laugh out of it. It’s just for fun. There’s no hard feels or anything like that. It’s just for fun,” said Stevens.

Rachel Holt