By Christina Hager

MILLIS (CBS) – Too much of a good thing can be bad. All of the rain we have had lately has been flooding farms and impacting local fruits and vegetables.

At Tangerini Farm in Millis, some fields have been flooded after so much rain.

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“We have a couple other fields that are in similar predicaments as this one, where one of our pepper plantings in between all of the rows … it’s just water,” said Linda Chiarizio of Tangerini Farm. In fact, a stream that runs through the property flooded after Friday’s heavy rains.

Rains have created too much water in the fields at Tangerini Farm in Millis. (WBZ-TV)

“It just washes away all that topsoil, any compost,” Chiarizio said.

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In other cases, flooding is blocking farmers from fields they normally seed now. “Its really those future crops that we’re really looking at right now we’re worried about,” Chiarizio said.

Problems you might see in your own backyard include strange mushrooms popping up and wilting flowers.

“That’s a fungus, and it eats away at the leaf,” said Joe Avellino at Medway Garden Center. “We’re cleaning flowers – dead flowers – every day.”

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Avellino said he’s been selling a lot of anti-fungal plant spray and praying for sun. “At least if it’s too much sun, you can go get a bucket of water and water your plants, but with this rain, you can’t shut it off. It’s just coming,” he said.

Christina Hager