By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — The doctor is in. The pliability doctor, that is.

His name is Tom Brady.

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The legendary quarterback has, of course, long been an advocate of the benefits of pliability. And on Thursday, upon seeing a Pro Football Talk story about a rise in hamstring injuries across the NFL, Brady was all too happy to share the solution.

“It’s called pliability,” Brady posted on his Instagram story, along with some laughing/crying emojis. “I feel like a broken record. Hey @nfl, I can save you some money!!!!!!”

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Tom Brady’s Instagram post on pliability (Screen shot from Instagram/@TomBrady)

The story noted that the NFL announced a $4 million investment for a team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin to look into different ways to prevent hamstring injuries.

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Brady may have offered the comment in a joking fashion, but he’s also deadly serious about the topic of pliability. He rarely if ever speaks out against the NFL in any real, discernible way. But when given the chance to tout the value of pliability, he didn’t hesitate. Staff