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SHARON (CBS) — The town of Sharon has shut down Lake Massapoag – also known as Lake Sharon – after a bacteria bloom was detected Thursday. The town is warning anyone with lake access to stay out of the water and keep all pets away.

This is the second warning in two days. In Framingham, the blue-green algae was detected by the Department of Conservation and Recreation at Lake Cochituate.

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The bacteria can create strong poisonous toxins that make people and animals sick. It didn’t stop everyone from diving in at Lake Cochituate Thursday.

No swimming warnings were posted, but some swimmers found them confusing right next to the regular ‘open’ signs.

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Sign for at Lake Cochituate in Framingham after blue-green algae discovered (Image credit Juli McDonald)

“The first thing I saw was two signs – one that said it was open for swimming one that said it wasn’t and to check the website,” a frustrated swimmer said. “I went onto the state website and it did not list Lake Cochituate as an area you had to stay away from so I went for my swim.”

If exposed to the water, the recommendation is rinsing off.

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“I feel fine, for the record!” The swimmer added. Staff