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AYER (CBS) – Andrew Kularski is a sergeant in the Ayer Police Department and also a bee enthusiast. On Wednesday, Kularski had the chance to utilize his skills in both fields.

Kularski was driving on Central Ave. and noticed a large, dark-colored blob flying in the area. Because he raises bees as a hobby, Kularski recognized it as a swarm of honeybees.

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A swarm of bees in Ayer. (Image Credit: Ayer Police)

The police sergeant spoke to the staff at the business where the bees were swarming to try and stop them from calling an exterminator.

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Kularski found out a contractor who was doing work had just been stung, and sprayed the area to get rid of the bees. That caused the bees to swarm another section of the roof.

The sergeant called Ayer Town Manager Robert Pontbriand, who is also a beekeeper. Pontbriand and retired Ayer firefighter Rick Ressijac came to the building to help lure the swarm into a hive in order to be relocated.

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Police urged residents to reach out to the Middlesex County Beekeepers Association, Worcester Country Beekeepers Association or local police if they come across a large swarm so the bees can be removed with being harmed. Staff