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NORTHBRIDGE (CBS) — A man facing a felony charge of breaking and entering in the daytime for allegedly wandering around a Northbridge home with children inside faced a judge in court Wednesday. Esteban De Jesus Fonfrias-Soto, of Worcester, told police he thought he was meeting a woman whom he’d met on Snapchat.

The 26-year-old was seen on a security camera walking around the house Sunday afternoon while the family was there, according to authorities.

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“He was standing outside my 1-year-old’s bedroom,” homeowner Tarah Schweitzer said.

The family had been home at the time – in and out of the house with company. Their young children saw the suspect but assumed he was another guest. Now the couple is sort of relieved, but eager for the full story.

“If it’s random, that’s terrifying for everybody. If it’s targeted that’s terrifying for us,” Schweitzer said.

Fonfrias-Soto told investigators he believed he was meeting a woman with whom he’d connected on Snapchat. He claimed that after about 15 minutes, he realized he was being “scammed” and took off – apparently empty handed.

A man who entered a Northbridge home. (Image Credit: Northbridge Police)

Prosecutors said he admitted to paying money to the person behind the Snapchat profile through Apple Pay. He said he was told to park in the driveway and then go upstairs.

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“He said he had a bad feeling about this, looked at the pictures on the wall,” a prosecutor said in court. “When he did not see the woman he thought he was meeting there, he left the residence.”

The judge ordered Fonfrias-Soto to stay away from the area.

The family told WBZ-TV they feel some sense of relief, but they’re still struggling with a lot of questions and scenarios.

“We know why he was here,” Schweitzer said. “But why was it this address and who sent him?”


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