By Staff

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – The state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation is warning people not to swim in Lake Cochituate after a cyanobacteria bloom has been found.

The bloom was discovered in the South Middle and North ponds of Lake Cochituate in Cochituate State Park, which overlaps the city of Framingham and the towns of Natick and Wayland. People are being told not to have contact with the water – by swimming or boating. Pet owners are also being told to keep their animals from the shoreline to prevent them from drinking the water.

According to the CDC, cyanobacteria — also called blue-green algae — may sometimes make toxins called cyanotoxins, which are among the most powerful natural poisons know and can make people and animals sick. It is impossible to tell by looking at a bloom if it is toxic.

For questions regarding cyanobacteria blooms, please contact the Department of Public Health at 617-624-5757 or visit the agency’s algae webpage. Staff