By Ken MacLeod

BOSTON (CBS) — If Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman is doing backflips on Saturday, it’s probably because she’s got her dog back.

Mylo was missing for six, long days, and Raisman was beginning to think the worst until a couple of women spotted a little face peering through a fence Friday near the UMass Boston campus in Dorchester.

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UMass Boston sophomore Carla Duran showed WBZ-TV the spot on Columbia Point where she and another woman riding a bike first spotted a small dog behind a construction fence.

The area where Carla Duran found Mylo. (WBZ-TV)

“We tried to get him out of the fence, through one of the holes of the fence, but he wouldn’t come out,” said Duran.

The other woman climbed the fence and grabbed the dog, and Carla began dialing the number on its tags. Raisman had waged a public campaign to find her dog Mylo after it went missing since he got spooked during the Seaport fireworks and bolted.

Plenty of people called inquiring about the reward, but none produced the dog. It was only later a quick FaceTime proved this call was legit.

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“She met where I parked my car and walked me to where Mylo was,” says Raisman. “It still doesn’t feel real, I’m just so happy.”

The Olympian had been losing hope amid fears Mylo might’ve been hit by a car drowned in the ocean or simply been grabbed by a stranger.

Aly Raisman with Mylo. (WBZ-TV)

How and where he spent six days is still not known. He’d traveled three or four miles without a single confirmed sighting, but Mylo sure seemed happy to see a friendly face.

“He was pretty thirsty, and kind of hungry,” said Duran. “Other than that, he was pretty bubbly, and pretty happy and he was just playing with us.”

Curiously, neither woman had seen Raisman’s social media posts or news coverage on Mylo. So, it wasn’t until the gymnast showed up that the pair realized they hadn’t found just any missing pooch, and that makes this all the more special to Raisman.

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“So they had absolutely no idea. They had no idea there wererewards,” said Raisman. “They were just really, really nice girls in their early 20’s, just doing the right thing and I’m so grateful for that.”

Ken MacLeod