By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — N’Keal Harry has had a disappointing run with the Patriots, and would like to play somewhere other than New England in 2021. Given the receivers lack of production since being drafted with the 32nd overall pick in 2019, chances are the Patriots won’t be able to get much for Harry on the trade market.

Enter ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, who Tweeted Thursday what one executive believes the Patriots could get in return for Harry. And it isn’t much.

The unnamed NFL exec believes that Harry would be worth a conditional sixth-round selection. Ouch.

That’s probably not what Bill Belichick would want for the former first-round pick. Harry hasn’t been able to do much in the New England offense, and his agent made it clear they’d like to find a landing spot that would provide his client ample opportunity to shine, but the Patriots would probably want a little more than a conditional late-round pick.

If that is all New England could recoup for Harry, the team would probably be better off holding onto him to see if he could perform in training camp and the preseason. There is still the potential that Harry could become a big target in the Patriots passing game, and at the very least, he could develop into a decent No. 4 receiver behind Nelson Agholor, Kendrick Bourne and Jakobi Meyers. He could also find that opportunity he seeks in New England if a receiver goes down with an injury. If none of that happens, the Patriots could simply cut him at the end of camp — and then Harry could at least have some say in his next destination.

But if a sixth rounder — and a conditional one at that — is all the Patriots could get for Harry, chances are New England would rather hang on to him as a potential insurance policy over dealing him for next to nothing. We’ll find out when training camp rolls around at the end of the month. Staff