By Kate Merrill

WESTFORD (CBS) — Originally a part of Chelmsford, West Chelmsford officially became incorporated as Westford in 1729. Paul Revere’s son went to Westford Academy and a weathervane by Revere sits on the Abbot Elementary school roof.

But when school gets out, this town becomes a real summer hot spot. From bumper boats and batting cages, to a driving range – crowds come from all over. But the real draw is something even sweeter.

The ice cream is the main attraction at Kimball Farm in Westford, and it has been for decades.

“It started in 1939, the owner today is Peter Kimball and his grandparents Jack and Claire Kimball started the business and they first were selling milk,” said Jill Curran, the Director of Operations at Kimball Farm.

And for more than 80 years, this family run farm has been churning it out, literally, from scratch. Right here on site in Westford, from the ice cream, to the generous amount of famous toppings.

Kimball Farm in Westford. (WBZ-TV)

Curran started working for the farm when she was a teenager.

“I was 14 when I started here, a long time ago, just started scooping ice cream and just the family nature, the family vibe is what kept me going,” she said.

And it’s why so many local kids love working here, including me. And at Kimball’s, size does matter!

Do not order a large cone if you aren’t serious. And the famous Banana Split, don’t you dare go for it alone.

But if you want to know why they are so popular, the secret is in the scoop.

Ice cream at Kimball Farm in Westford. (WBZ-TV)

“It’s tradition and consistency and also the passion and love that goes into making the ice cream,” said Curran.

For more information on Kimball Farm and the four locations around the area, go to their website at

Kate Merrill