By Lisa Hughes

CHATHAM (CBS) – A 12-foot visitor off Cape Cod is giving scientists reason to celebrate.

Dr. Greg Skomal, working with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, tagged the first great white shark of the season Wednesday.

It was a male shark, south of Chatham inlet, in just 15 feet of water.

This shark is missing his left pectoral fin. They think he may have been injured at some point.

A 12-foot shark was tagged south of Chatham inlet, July 7, 2021. (Image credit: Dr. Greg Skomal)

The tag on it will transmit information the team can use to track the shark and study his behavior.

They also spotted two other white sharks in the area Wednesday, but only tagged this one.

You can track shark sightings off the Cape all summer with the conservancy’s Sharktivity app.

Lisa Hughes