By Staff

GLOUCESTER (CBS) — The Coast Guard rescued 44 people aboard a fishing boat Wednesday morning on Gloucester Harbor after a coolant line broke, spraying coolant on the boat’s motor and caused it to produce steam.

Initially, reports said there was an engine fire on a boat called Yankee Patriot II, which is owned by Yankee Fleet Deep Sea Fishing in Gloucester.

The Coast Guard later determined there was no fire.

There were 40 passengers and four crew members on the boat.

According to Harbormaster Thomas Ciarametaro, the captain activated the boat’s fire suppression system before first responders arrived on scene.

“I would like to commend this captain for his quick thinking,” said Harbormaster Ciarametaro. “Fortunately, there was no fire. However, the captain acted appropriately and worked swiftly to respond to a situation that appeared to be very dangerous.”

Passengers leaving the Yankee Patriot II ship. (Photo Credit: Gloucester Harbormaster)

No injuries were reported.

The boat was able to make it back without being towed. Staff