By Staff

DOVER, N.H. (CBS) — The annual Fourth of July fireworks display in Dover, New Hampshire on Garrison Hill came to an abrupt end on Sunday after a fireworks “malfunction” caused a ground explosion.

According to city officials, one of the six-inch fireworks shells failed to launch about 15 minutes into the display and fell on the ground. After it fell, it ignited other fireworks on the ground and caused an explosion.

A shot of the fireworks display in Dover, New Hampshire. (Photo Credit: Matt Randall)

The display, which was put on by Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group of Jaffrey, came to an end “for the safety of the fireworks crew”, the city said in a statement on Facebook.

No one was injured, and Dover Fire and Rescue put out the remaining fireworks on the ground.

Garrison Hill Park will stay closed until the site is completely cleared. Staff