By Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) — When it comes to the Massachusetts “VaxMillions” lottery, David Shorey definitely likes the odds. “Four million people, not everyone is going to register and there are five different chances to win,” said Shorey.

The problem is he’s not eligible even as a Massachusetts resident.  “I looked at the fine print and you’re not eligible if you’ve been vaccinated in another state.”

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Shorey was vaccinated in Florida back in March, his second Moderna shot was in April and he has the card to prove it. He wants a fair shot at a million dollars.

“I think any state resident, any taxpayer, should be able to participate. Why are they excluded just because they got it in another state,” he told WBZ-TV.

Especially, he says, if the money to fund the lottery is coming from federal coronavirus funds.

Shorey has an ally in democratic state Senator Eric Lesser. “If we have a constituent or someone vaccinated who can prove they got vaccinated and isn’t able to get into the lottery because of a technicality that would be unfair,” said Lesser.

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He said he is willing to ask that adjustments be made.

In response to questions from WBZ-TV, a spokesperson for Health and Human Services said it’s a requirement because the state can only verify in-state vaccinations.

The lottery is catching on: in the first day, more than 681,000 people ages 18 and older signed up for a chance at a million-dollar jackpot. More than 44,000 people ages 12- to 17 enrolled for a chance at a scholarship.

But Senator Lesser said more should be done to educate communities with low vaccination rates.

“If the point here is to incentivize people to get out there and get vaccinated, it seems it wouldn’t matter where they got it as long as they can prove they got it,” said Senator Lesser.

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Shorey said the lottery should be a reward for doing the right thing.

Beth Germano