By Mike LaCrosse

HAMPTON, N.H. (CBS) — People are trying to make the best of the holiday weekend even though they might not see the sun for a few days.

“I wish the weather would have been much nicer and we could do the beach. What do you do?” said Denise Jalbert.

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The Fourth of July weekend doesn’t quiet feel like it normally would on New Hampshire’s seacoast amid chilly temperatures and cloudy skies.

It has people packing their sweatshirts. Still many are staying positive and keeping busy.

“It could be worse, right? Could be stuck back last year in the total pandemic, and now we’re here,” said Tina Favorite.

Music is filling the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom once again. The venue hasn’t had a show for 601 days.

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Friday night’s sold out show the first of many already scheduled through the fall.

“All this stuff that’s been missing, this entertainment, has been part of the cultural temperature, you know. I think it’s good for everybody, so we expect big things,” said Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Director of Marketing Andrew Herrick.

Across the border in Amesbury, preparations are underway for a fireworks show on the 4th.

The city is expecting upwards of 15,000 people.

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“We’re working on the tail end of COVID. Everybody has kind of been cooped up the last year, year and a half,” Said Amesbury Police Chief Craig Bailey. “I think that there probably isn’t one person out who doesn’t want to get out and see a fireworks display with a bunch of people.”