WINTHROP (CBS) — The head of the Massachusetts State Police called David Green “a trooper’s trooper” Friday, as the retired trooper killed in Winthrop’s deadly shooting rampage was laid to rest. “Wery dependable, somebody that’s very engaged with the public, very empathetic, a guy that could make very quick connections with the public and reflected characteristics that I think everybody would want in a trooper.”

A crowd of state and local police showed up during calling hours for Green before his burial. They escorted him to Winthrop Cemetery with a hero’s procession his casket draped by an American flag.

Dave Green was born and raised in Winthrop. He was 68 years old.

Green became a Metropolitan District Commission Police Officer in 1980, joining the Massachusetts State Police 12 years later when the MDC Police and State Police merged. He retired in 2016.

Prior to becoming a police officer, Green served in the military.

“It’s horrible, you know, there he was in danger in his job, and he’s retired, and this,” said his former neighbor David Redgrave, who came to pay respects.

The peaceful farewell was a stark contrast to the violent moments Green faced at the end of his life. Police say 28-year-old Nathan Allen shot him after Allen slammed into a building with a truck he stole. Then he killed Air Force Veteran Ramona Cooper, before eventually turning the gun on Green. Winthrop Police killed Allen in a confrontation during the shooting rampage.

“We certainly appreciate the support of the Winthrop Police Department and the broader Winthrop community, they’ve come through in spectacular fashion, the outpouring of support has been tremendous and they’ve really made it very clear that this a community that is filled with love,” said Mason.

Services for Ramona Green are set for Tuesday, July 6 at 2:00 p.m. at the Riggiero Family Memorial Home in East Boston. Staff