BOSTON (CBS) — Does Willie McGinest know something we don’t … or is he just having some fun for Throwback Thursday?

The Patriots legend sent out a tweet on Thursday, asking Patriots fans a very important question: Do they want to see some throwbacks?

“What do y’all think of these throwback blues? Should the @Patriots bring em back?” McGinest asked, adding a thinking man emoji and some eyeballs for good measure.

The tweet included a fantastic picture of McGinest, Ted Johnson, and Chris Slade — foundational members of the ’90s defenses that laid the groundwork for the first part of the Patriots dynasty.

Willie is of course a rather plugged-in guy. The Patriots Hall of Famer is an analyst on NFL Network, and he remains involved with the Patriots, making appearances from time to time to catch up with Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick. It’s enough to wonder if Willie might be asking Patriots fans this question for a specific reason … or if he just really likes that sweet picture.

Rumors of the ’90s blue throwbacks making a comeback surfaced in March 2020, when Julian Edelman tweeted a photo of himself looking like a modern day Drew Bledsoe. The Patriots had restocked their pro shop with those jerseys in the 2019 season, too, so there was some belief that the ’90s look could return.

The Patriots changed their primary jerseys last year for the first time in 20 years, and with the rule banning multiple helmets from being used ending in 2022, their options for alternates appears to be expanding. We’ll find out in due time whether that ’90s look makes a comeback or simply remains a part of Patriots history. Staff