BOSTON (CBS) — Another day has come and gone without a resolution for Stephon Gilmore’s contract dispute with the Patriots. Is the veteran cornerback getting a little impatient?

While all reports have indicated that his situation is not contentious, a tweet from Gilmore on Tuesday afternoon at least showed a certain interest level from Gilmore regarding the biggest contracts for defensive backs in the NFL.

CBS Sports HQ tweeted a graphic at 3:48 p.m. on Tuesday, displaying the 10 highest-paid defensive backs in the NFL. A little more than a half-hour later, Gilmore quote-tweeted the graphic with a simple message: “Oh ok ….”

The original tweet from CBS Sports HQ was deleted, perhaps due to a typo on the name of Trae Waynes, but the Gilmore tweet had already gained quite a bit of traction by then.

Stephon Gilmore’s tweet (Twitter/@BumpNrunGilm0re)

Gilmore was of course not one of the 10 names on that list. It’s unclear where exactly he wants to be on that list, but he clearly believes he belongs on it somewhere.

Gilmore, who in 2019 became the first cornerback to be named Defensive Player of the Year since 2009 and just the second since 1994, likely believes he belongs on that list. He would have been on such a list last year, when the Patriots moved $5 million from his 2021 salary to 2020 to try to compensate for what became an under-market deal. Now a year later, with a base million of $7 million, Gilmore’s salary is lower than under-market deal. It’s an under-under-market deal.

Earlier on Tuesday, Gilmore tweeted about the importance of each new day, mentally and physically.

Whether or when the Patriots resolve their situation with Gilmore remains an unknown. But it is seemingly the one piece of unfinished business for the Patriots before training camp begins in a month or so.

Perhaps the Patriots are more comfortable with waiting around than Gilmore is. Staff