WINTHROP (CBS) — People who witnessed the tragic events unfold on Shirley Street in Winthrop Saturday are still trying to make sense of what happened. According to Suffolk Country District Attorney Rachael Rollins, 28-year-old Nathan Allen crashed a truck into a building, then shot and killed two people.

“I walked to the corner and everybody is yelling get out of the way there is a shooter,” said witness Linda Maggio.

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“Everybody here was like diving in the bushes hiding behind cars,” said witness Robert Harrington. He ran down from his third-floor apartment after hearing the crash and tried to help Air Force Veteran Ramona Cooper.

Police say she and retired State Police Trooper Dave Green were killed by Allen.

“I was trying to ask her if she was okay a couple of times. I knew she wasn’t there anymore,” said Harrington.

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Kim Carrillo said she came face-to-face with Allen. “The officer yells at us get down, get down, get down,” said Carrillo.

Winthrop’s Police Chief and interim Town Manager Terance Delehanty said the health department and school department are working with the DA’s office to provide support for the community following the shootings.

“A devastating event like this I know as a police officer doesn’t just affect you today. It might not affect you today, it might affect you tomorrow, next week, next month, next year,” said Chief Delehanty.

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On Tuesday, members of the town health department will be going door-to-door to offer resources to people in the neighborhood.