BOSTON (CBS) — The new Madden video game — featuring Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes on the cover — won’t be released until August. Patriots rookie QB Mac Jones better hope some updates are made before then.

A screen shot of what’s alleged to be the beta version of the game began making the rounds on social media this week. In it, Mac Jones is shown, looking more like Abraham Lincoln than the way the young QB actually looks in real life.

Clearly, the folks at EA Sports will get to work on making that look something like the actual Jones between now and the date when fans can actually play the game.

Still, the somewhat viral screen shot came across Julian Edelman’s timeline, and the former Pats receiver couldn’t help but make a wisecrack.

We know that Jones enjoys kicking back and playing some Madden in his free time. He has to be hoping to see a different Mac Jones on his screen when August rolls around. Staff