By Juli McDonald

GLOUCESTER (CBS) – “We embrace visitors; we call them company. ‘Visitors to come.’ We share our stories with them; we like to talk about the movie.”

Sunday afternoon in Gloucester, at the neighborhood bar made famous by film “The Perfect Storm,” visiting thieves took advantage of the inviting warmth of The Crow’s Nest.

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“It’s like an assault. Everyone is so devastated and upset and sad that somebody would do this – they’d violate our safe haven by taking something that didn’t belong to them,” said owner Mary Anne Shatford.

This surveillance image shows a man leaving the bar with what appears to be The Crow’s Nest’s treasured photo album. (Courtesy photo)

A surveillance image shows a man leaving the bar with what appears to be the pub’s treasured photo album; it’s proudly shared with all who enter. The album’s worn pages feature the beloved crew who never returned from sea, the Hollywood stars who played them – like George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg – as well as bar regulars who have passed away.

“I thought it was a great tribute to the people who made the movie, as well as the fisherman who were on the Andrea Gail. The guys all hung around here. They were all our friends, and actually, my brother was on the boat,” Shatford explained.

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The Crow’s Nest family has already lost so much more than this book. It exists to remember the faces they miss so dearly. Even without the album, there’s a spirit here that could never be taken.

“In the long run, it’s not what this place is really about. These people here are like my brothers and sisters,” Shatford said.

The bar feels bare without it. Yet there’s still an open door, and forgiving heart – hopeful for the book’s return.

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“Maybe they were a little drunk. Maybe they thought it was funny. Maybe it was a prank that went too far. We don’t care just bring the photo album back.”

Juli McDonald