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UPDATE 6/19: Wayland Police released a statement on Saturday, June 19, saying that the person officers were looking for came to the Wayland Police Station, and police determined the situation to be “a misunderstanding”

Here is Wayland’s Police full statement from Saturday:

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Earlier today, an individual came to the Wayland Police Station and informed Officers that he was the individual that we were looking to speak to regarding the Rice Road incident. The male party was interviewed by Wayland Police Detectives and it was confirmed he is the individual. During the interview it was learned that the individual was not attempting to lure the child into the vehicle. Due to the individual’s heavy accent, it was determined to be a misunderstanding of what was said. Being from the area, the male party knows the road to be dangerous, especially for a child, and was only trying to help her safely cross the street. With this new information officers spoke with the child and it was determined that the male was the individual and that the matter is in fact resolved.

WAYLAND (CBS) – Police in Wayland are searching for the man who allegedly stopped and asked a girl if she wanted to get into his car.

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The man, who was driving a small black sedan, reportedly approached the girl on Rice Road Tuesday at about 6 p.m.

Wayland Police are searching for a man who allegedly approached a girl on Rice Road (Image: Ian Spencer Lincoln PD)

The child returned to her friend’s house, and the man left the area.

A composite drawing of the man was released by police. He is described as a white male between 30-40 years old with black hair, darker eyes, bushy eyebrows and a wide jaw.

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Anyone with information should contact Wayland Police at 508-358-4271. Staff