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SALEM (CBS) – Police in Salem are investigating several incidents of arrows being shot at homes. Police said it happened at night to homes on Leavitt Street, North Street, Ocean Avenue and Willow Avenue.

Police confirm at least five homes have recently been hit by arrows but believe there are more. No one has been hurt, but there has been some minor property damage.

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Janice Baldwin said her Willow Avenue home was hit by a pair of arrows early Tuesday morning. “It was just surreal,” Baldwin said. “I just couldn’t believe that anyone would do anything like that.”

Arrows shot into apartment in Salem (Image credit Janice Baldwin)

She took a photo of the arrow protruding into her apartment. “It’s very dangerous,” Baldwin said. “They said they were high-powered arrows from a hunting bow.”

Dog walker Rob Hills was on Leavitt Street earlier this week when he snapped a picture of an arrow sticking out of a door frame. “I took a double look at it,” Hills said. “I’m like, what did somebody want to play Robin Hood in the hood?”

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The door belongs to Jacqui Savarino. “I don’t know, it’s kind of scary because I’m single and I’m living here and you don’t know who the heck is out here,” Savarino said.

Arrow shot into doorframe in Salem (Image credit Rob Hills)

Police don’t see any pattern to the homes hit on four different streets in both north and south Salem, but they clearly see the potential for tragedy.

“We’d like to put a stop to it before somebody does get hurt,” said Salem Police Chief Lucas Miller. “Obviously if somebody is committing a prank, they don’t want to wind up a murderer. So, we need it to stop.”

Detectives are reviewing surveillance video from several nearby cameras, suspecting the arrows are being shot by someone who hops from a passing car, not realizing the margin for error between prank and serious injury is very thin.

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Anyone who has had a similar incident or has information is asked to call the police. Staff