By Kate Merrill

BOSTON (CBS) – Letisha Izuchi and Zeena Brown are sisters and best friends. And now they are accidental business partners.

“Her and I embarked on this journey to heal our skin not even thinking about selling skin care,” Izuchi told WBZ-TV.

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They wanted to make a skin care product to help their own troubled skin. So they researched and developed and came up with the products. But then, they realized they really worked.

“We had amazing success with them and knew there was other people out there that wanted products that actually worked,” Izuchi said.

“I love every single ingredient has a purpose, so we never include an ingredient just cause it adds a fragrance or sounds pretty,” Brown told WBZ.

From there, they took it to market and launched a company called Brown and Coconut. It’s a line of all natural products from face oils to scrubs to washes and reaction was better than even they expected.

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“It was a bit surreal cause you almost have a bit of imposter syndrome. Will people like this? But we started to see people having the same success we did. It was surreal,” Brown said.

But as young Black women, it was not easy.

“When we would attend events, people wouldn’t think we were the owners, they thought we were the hired employees representing the company at an event,” Izuchi said.

But the new moms didn’t stop, not even after having babies. And as they grow and expand the goal is helping other Black women follow their lead.

“One of our goals when we get our store front is to provide that support to young Black women who want to start their own business,” Izuchi said.

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Right now they sell most of their products online, but they hope to one day open their own store. To find out more go to

Kate Merrill