WORCESTER (CBS) – The brother and sisterhood of policing came together in Worcester to honor Officer Manny Familia at his funeral Thursday. But it was also the community that gave its thanks.

Worcester is a city that has had more than its fair share of tragedy. Each line of duty death deeply impacts community members who came out to pay their respects to Officer Familia.

“Unfortunately Worcester has had to deal with loss many times now to lose another hero it’s tragic,” one Worcester resident who paused to watch the funeral process Thursday said.

The registered nurse was at work when he heard last Friday that Familia had died trying to save a 14-year-old who was drowning. The boy, Troy Love, was visiting family from out of state. Love also died that day.

“I was on shift and we were all crying I work about a mile from Green Hill Park. We all had to take a minute to compose ourselves,” the registered nurse said.

The body of Worcester Police Officer Manny Familia is brought to his funeral service by horse drawn carriage. (WBZ-TV)

A member of the Worcester Police Department for five years, Familia is being remembered as someone who made a big impact both on and off duty.

He was a member of the tactical patrol force and was training to become a member of the SWAT team.

Familia took part in multiple charities, served as a basketball coach for St. Peter’s Church and loved watching his son play baseball

“You just feel so bad for his wife and kids all his family,” a woman named Kayla at the procession told WBZ-TV.

“You just pray they can get through this,” added another woman named Jessica.

Worcester Police Officer Manny Familia. (Photo credit: City of Worcester)

Both Kayla and Jessica came to pay their respects as they have family members in the Worcester Police Department.

“It could be anyone at any time never know it could be your family you thank god every day it’s not but you feel awful for the other family,” Jessica said.

An online fundraiser for Familia’s family has raised more than $130,000. The Worcester Police Department has also set up a memorial fund.

Anna Meiler